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5 Secrets to Safely and Successfully Photograph Newborns Outdoors

Newborn photo sessions may sound like something that can only be done safely and securely inside a warm and cozy home or studio. But trust me, being outdoors is wonderful altogether and if the weather is nice there’s nothing better than having your baby photographed outside amidst flowers, trees, and soft natural light that further enhances the beauty of each portrait. If you are thinking of having your newborn photographed, yet you are apprehensive about the consequences, then relax and take a deep breath. Here are 5 secrets that can help safely and securely photograph newborns outdoors.

newborn baby

#1 Stay Close to Home or Studio

An outdoor location does not have to be too far away from your home or the studio, and you obviously do not need a huge park to be able to photograph newborns. A patch of wild flowers or a tiny little garden can work just fine as the images are cropped. No one cares how big the garden was, all that matters is the baby. So, choose to stay close to your home or studio.

#2 Set Up the Props Inside Before Going Outdoors

Setting up the props around the baby outside can be challenging. Therefore it is better that the props are adjusted indoors while the baby is sleeping soundly. Then once everything has been set up neatly, the parents can slowly carry the baby along with the prop and place them in the desired location outdoors.

#3 Keeping Baby Safe

Safety of the baby is of paramount importance because the new life is so vulnerable. Hence, make sure that there are at least two spotters to keep an eye on the baby while the photographs are been taken. Once person should take care that the baby is not disturbed and they sleep soundly through the photo shoot, and another person must make sure that while shooting outdoors, no bugs or garden flies come close to the baby.

#4 Let There Be Shade

The skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive so you must ensure that they are never placed under direct sunlight. Ensure there is always a shade over them or choose to shoot one hour before the sun sets. If you cannot find natural tree shade or anything else, always use an umbrella shade. Ask one of the spotters to hold an umbrella over the baby so that the skin is not affected by harsh sun rays.

#5 Avoid Cold Temperatures

Never be tempted to take the baby outside when it is cold because babies can drop body temperature much faster than you can imagine. So, make sure it is warm outside to let the baby pose comfortably. Also, let there be some white noise that the baby can hear while the photographs are been taken as this will help the baby feel soothed and sleep peacefully.

If between the photo shoot the baby’s sleep is disturbed in any way, stop what you are doing and allow the baby some time to be fed, soothed, and put back to sleep before you can start taking photographs again.