Baby Photography

3 Exciting Styles for Baby Photography

The job of a baby photographer is exciting but at the same time not as easy as it might seem. Babies are delicate, they are fragile and moody too. To get that perfect photograph, there are many things that you may need to consider and ensure that the baby cooperates with you. There are many styles that you may choose from when it comes to photographing a newborn, however here we will discuss the three most classic and popular styles of all.

baby photography

#1 The Environmental Style

In this style, you will be using the client’s house, the baby’s nursery items or other things of the house such as furniture and clothing to create the backdrop. The biggest advantage of choosing this style is that the photograph in itself will be truly unique. It also makes the images more meaningful and personal. Sometimes this is the most sought after styles of all because there’s a lot of emotions attached to the images where the baby is lying on the bed that was bought so lovingly by momma.

Also, when taking images inside the house you can include the parents and let them interact with the baby while you take the images as those moments when a Dad is talking to the little one or when the new momma is holding the baby in her arms and trying to soothe, can be really special. These scenes are not made up, and you are actually capturing the real time emotions that make these photographs unique. Although this style may be time consuming, a little patience and some extra time can bring wonderful results.

#2 Go Classic

This is the most common and preferred style of the baby photographers as there’s a lot of room for creativity. For this style you first need to ensure that the baby is well fed and sound asleep. Now you lay the naked baby on a beanbag with blankets for backdrop and start your photo shoot. In this style, the posing and positioning of the baby is the key and you need to do this very carefully. Position the baby in a way that they are comfortable and the style should not look forced.

#3 Smart Use of Props

When using props, a newborn or baby photographer needs to be extra careful to ensure that all the things that comes in contact with the baby such as the wraps, blankets, bowls, headbands, chairs and other accessories are well cleaned. Also, the use of props must be done smartly to ensure that you do not steal the focus away from the baby. This style is good in a way that it helps insert some freshness and uniqueness into the photographs, and you do not feel like you are repeating the same thing again and again.

If you are a parent reading this, no matter which style you choose for your baby photo shoot, or whether you go for a mix of these different styles, never rush to hire a baby photographer. Always check the past work done by the professional and fix and appointment to be fully sure that the person is willing to listen to your particular details and work in a calm and relaxed manner.